Summary Stats

Miles Travelled 272 miles
Gas Mileage 21.1 mpg
Boat Landings Undefined
Hours of sleep 7

Day 0

Well, we missed our target departure time by a few hours, and didn't get out of Houghton until 8:30 PM. All was going as well as could be expected, and we stopped for supper at the popular Ironwood Country Kitchen. We returned to the car to find the battery dead, and were fortunate enough to get a jump start from a helpful pair outside the restaurant. (Thanks, whoever you are!)

By then, we realized that we weren't going to make it to Minnesota that night. So we started looking for a campground, and decided to try one of the campgrounds in Chequamegon National Forest. After finding that both campgrounds were full, and spending an hour and a half on gravel roads, we pressed on to Hayward to a KOA. The KOA was pretty full, but we did find one site, conveniently located at the foot of the giant KOA sign, and a stone's throw from the highway.

This portion of Wisconsin is what we like to refer to as "Boat Landing Hell." They say Minnesota is the land of ten thousand lakes, but apparently Wisconsin is the land of ten thousand boat landings. Amazingly, no matter where you are in Wisconsin, you are only one-half mile from a boat landing, or at least the signs say so.

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