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Day 15

We slept in late this morning, enjoying the sleep we missed the previous day. After a big breakfast at Village Inn, we drove around and looked at the area in which Fractional grew up. A lot of things have changed, but it still looks like good ol' Iowa.

This afternoon, we looked at a few photo albums (Eleven wanted to see embarassing pictures of Fractional's youth). Fractional's favorite is one of his parents on his mom's 22nd birthday. Woah.

For supper, we ate some traditional Iowan cuisine at Garfield's. Eleven had an Iowa chop, and Fractional and Grandma had tenderloins. Then we just relaxed for a while, and performed some repairs on the Bonneville. Thanks very much to Fractional's grandma for everything.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to the House on the Rock, and then driving the final stretch home.

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