Summary Stats

Miles Travelled 391
Gas Mileage 27.2 mpg
Blue Pepsi Taste Bad
Hours of sleep Eleven: 7
Fractional: 8

Day 5

We awoke and, after our usual morning routine, set off to find a phone line with which to update the web site. Sadly, there are no phone lines in Yellowstone National Park. Well, at least not that are available for updating web-travelogues anyway.

So we hit the road. We headed out of the South Entrance, right into Grand Teton National Park. During this time, Fractional mostly slept, and Eleven mostly waited for construction flaggers to allow us to proceed. We did manage to take a couple pictures of the mountains, though.

We did a little off-roading on the way on a little trail called United States Highway 89. Why they decided to destroy the whole thing at one time is beyond us. We are considering installing a lift kit on the Bonneville. Come to think of it, people in Utah seem to enjoy road destruc construction.

Then we arrived at a quaint little campground in the woods here in Fruit Heights, Utah, complete with water park, batting cages, movie theater, miniature golf-course, and access from three major highways. Fortunately, though, we have an excellent view. At any rate, the highway noise does not compare to Day 0's campsite.

Tomorrow we hope to venture into Salt Lake City and possibly head on out to Zion National Park.

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