Summary Stats

Miles Travelled 250
Gas Mileage 25.0 mpg
Circular intersections 1
Hours of sleep 7.5

Day 6

Today started uneventfully, except for doing laundry at the campground. Since we didn't find anything really interesting in Salt Lake City, we decided to check out Great Salt Lake.

The Great Salt Lake is just what you'd expect: a big lake with lots of salt in it. There was a visitor center, but it was pathetically dilapidated and not worth mentioning. Oops.

One of the interesting things about the lake is the brine flies that swarmed in waves around the shoreline. What we thought was decaying plant matter is actually brine fly larvae (be careful where you step, and don't wear sandals), and it was abundant on the beach. The lake itself is interesting because the water is more viscous than normal, which causes the ripples to travel more slowly.

Referring to the gentle blend of decaying larvae, salt water, and seagull droppings, one young visitor concluded: "It stinks!"

Next, we stopped at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. While we don't agree with the school's doctrinal statement, we do like a few of its other attributes. Unlike a certain other university which shall not be named (but that begins with "M" and ends with "ichigan Technological University"), BYU has the following:

  • girls
  • visitor parking
  • a visitor center
  • 10,000 Ohm pendulum
  • elevated street crossings
  • girls
  • a modern library

After our tour of the campus, we drove to a campground just outside Zion National Park. We give the Brentwood Campground and RV Resort one out of five stars. Don't bother stopping.

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