Summary Stats

Miles Travelled 331.0 (that's 5826 ff*)
* football fields
Upload speed 12.0 kbps
Tumbleweeds in fast lane 1
Hours of sleep 8

Day 11

Not much happened today. After rolling out of bed, we packed up and made pancakes for breakfast. Or at least we tried to. It worked great in Yellowstone, but this morning we ended up with greasy pancake balls. Oh yeah, and Fractional bought a t-shirt at the campground, a picture of which comprises our photo collection for the day. Sorry, we'll take more pictures tomorrow.

So we spent most of the day driving and sleeping, sometimes simultaneously. Around 3:30, we arrived at home of Eleven's grandparents in Albuquerque, NM. We were treated to a delicious supper at Quarters BBQ, which included helpings of hot green chili stew.

Good night, and stay tuned.

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