Summary Stats

Miles Travelled 845
Missed Exits 4
Missed Entrances 1
Hours of sleep 7.5

Day 13

Today we drove. Following a power breakfast of donuts and coffee (tea for Eleven) we embarked for Denver. Before too long, we came to Las Vegas. It seems to have gotten much smaller since we were there last. Oh yeah, that was in Nevada, not New Mexico. Duh.

Just before Pueblo, CO, we decided to stop for lunch. We found the Pizza Hut in the Middle of Nowhere. It's not clear why there would be a Pizza Hut standing alone in the desert, but the lunch buffet was well-attended by the local population.

In Colorado Springs, we drove through the Garden of the Gods park. The rock formations were really interesting, and a welcome change from interstate scenery.

We had a couple of hours to kill when we arrived in Denver, so we decided to see a movie (in a real theater, no less). Bourne Identity was excellent, and will soon appear on Fractional's list of favorite movies.

Following the movie, we stopped at the home of one of Fractional's boyhood friends (Hi David and Susan!). We talked about the days of shooting things and lighting things on fire. It was good to catch up.

Over supper at Applebee's, we decided to drive through the night to Rapid City, SD instead of camping just north of Denver for the night. It wasn't particularly exciting, but neither of us fell asleep while we were driving, and we made it to Rapid City without any major problems. The picture at the right sums up our evening (and part of the morning).

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