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The following instructions will help you set up your email program for checking your feep.org email account. These instructions are written using Mozilla Thunderbird as an example, but the details will be similar for other email programs. Just the basic email server settings are also available. For security and compatibility reasons, I recommend against using Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail.

feep.org supports autoconfiguration of compatible email programs. This has been tested with Thunderbird 3.1.

Begin by selecting File | New | Account.... The Account Wizard screen [click for image] will appear. Select Email account and click Next.

On the Identity screen [click for image], fill in your name and email address (your username followed by "@feep.org"). Click Next.

Select IMAP and enter my.feep.org as the incoming and outgoing server on the Server Information screen [click for image] and click Next. (If you aren't asked to provide the outgoing server, you'll set it up in the Adding the outgoing server to an existing account section below.)

Next you'll see the User Names screen [click for image]. Fill in your username and click Next.

On the Account Name screen [click for image], enter a name for your feep.org account. Click Next.

Verify your settings on the next screen [click for image] and click Finish. Now you're ready to make some configuration changes that will enhance the security of your email account.

Now that your account has been added, open the Account Settings screen [click for image] by clicking Tools | Account Settings.... Click Server Settings and select Use secure connection (SSL).

Next, click Composition & Addressing [click for image] and deselect Compose messages in HTML format.

If you have other email accounts set up, skip to the next section. Otherwise click Outgoing Server (SMTP) [click for image], select Use name and password, enter your username, and select TLS. Click OK and you're done!

If you already have one or more email accounts configured, you'll want to add my.feep.org to use with your feep.org account. Start by selecting Edit | Account Settings. Click Outgoing Server (SMTP) [click for image] and then Advanced.... You'll see the Advanced Outgoing Server Settings screen [click for image]. Click Add....

On the SMTP Server screen [click for image], enter my.feep.org as the server name, select Use name and password, enter your username, and select TLS. Click OK to exit this screen, and click OK again on the Advanced Outgoing Server Settings screen.

Return to the Account Settings screen, and select Server Settings [click for image] under your feep.org account. Click Advanced....

Next, you'll see the Advanced Account Settings screen [click for image]. Select the SMTP tab, and choose my.feep.org from the server list. Click OK to exit this screen, and click OK again on the Account Settings screen. You're now ready to send and receive mail using your feep.org account.

If you're able to receive mail but unable to send, your ISP may be blocking connections to external mail servers. To work around this, select Edit | Account Settings... | Outgoing Server (SMTP). Change the port number from the default (25) to 587. Click OK and try sending again.

If you have any other problems or questions, please email me (using the my.feep.org Web Client if necessary).