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The following instructions will help you set up the Pidgin chat program to use feep.org instant messaging (IM). Pidgin supports more than 15 other chat networks as well (such as AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN), so you can use this single program for chatting with all your friends.

Pidgin is available for Windows, Linux, and Unix-like platforms. For Mac OS, try Adium.

If these options don't work for you, there is a long list of other XMPP clients that will work with feep.org IM.

Begin by installing and starting Pidgin. If it's the first time you've run Pidgin, it will automatically ask you to add an account. Otherwise, select Accounts | Manage Accounts | Add.... The Add Account screen [click for image] will appear.

Fill in the following settings.

  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Username: the username provided to you without the "feep.org" part (for example, "josh")
  • Domain: feep.org
  • Resource: a description of your choosing, typically about the computer you're on or your location
  • Password: the password provided to you

Now select the Advanced tab. The only setting you'll need to change on this tab [click for image] is the File transfer proxy. Enter im.feep.org.

Click Add to complete setup and login to your account.

Now that you're logged in, you can add friends to your buddy list. Do this by selecting Buddies | Add Buddy... and entering a username. The username is most commonly the same as a person's email address. To add me to your buddy list, you'd enter josh@feep.org. When adding a buddy, that person must approve you're adding them to your buddy list. If your buddy is not signed in at the time, he'll see your request next time he signs in.

Adding accounts for other services is very similar to the procedure above. Select Accounts | Manage Accounts | Add... and enter the service-specific settings.