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Me eating a pasty Hi, I'm Josh. I'm an "IT guy" at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. I'm also the sole proprietor of Host-Paste Consulting.

Lately, I've been geocaching, camping, hiking, traveling, playing with my cat, and fixing up my old house. Evidence of those and other activities can be found in my Gallery album. When I'm feeling less adventurous, I enjoy a good movie or book or something. Oh, and I've also been not updating my weblog.

I am a System "Engineer" in one of MTU's central IT groups, Information Technology Services and Security. Previously, I was the Sr. Unix System Administrator for a large academic support cluster. I have chaired and served in other capacities on the MTU System Administration Council. My work page may have some useful stuff; my resumé is available as a PDF file.


Member, SAGE

You can email or Jabber IM me at josh@feep.org.