In the dim recesses of the past lies the memory of a fated conversation at a particular Pizza Hut in Houghton, Michigan. Several of us were huddled in a dim pool of light cast by the fixture overhead. In hushed voices someone, whose identity shall forever remain a mystery, uttered these fateful words, "Let's go on a trip." The rest is soon to be history. Josh "Eleven" Stone and Josh "Fractional" Myles present to you the official travel guide and log of our Trek Across America .

Here we will be updating our progress with photographs, comments, political commentary, jokes, and other words of wisdom provoked by our experiences on the open road. Check this page frequently, as we will be updating it as often as a phone line crosses our path.

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Day 15

A relaxing day in Waterloo, IA.
Details for Day 15

Day 14

Mt. Rushmore, bison burgers, rain, and Iowa.
Details for Day 14

Day 13

Driving, driving, and more driving. Well, we did a little bit more than that, I suppose.
Details for Day 13

Day 12

The Museum of Natural History, The Albuquerque Museum, Old Town, and more good food. Whew.
Details for Day 12

Day 11

Driving, swerving around tumbleweed, and restoring a few web pages. That's about it.
Details for Day 11

Day 10

We visit the Grand Canyon and camp at Flagstaff, AZ.
Details for Day 10

Day 9

We see the Hoover Dam. Nobody gets hurt, except for some marshmallows.
Details for Day 9

Day 8

We checked out Las Vegas. We will remember the food forever.
Details for Day 8

Day 7

Today we visited Zion National Park and drove to Las Vegas.
Details for Day 7

Day 6

We left Fruit Heights, checked out Provo, BYU, and drove a lot (well, it seemed like a lot).
Details for Day 6

Day 5

Today we drove from Yellowstone to Salt Lake City, Utah. This involved lots of driving, road construction, driving, and a little more road construction.
Details for Day 5

Day 4

We spend the day at Yellowstone, soaking in the sights. Whew.
Details for Day 4

Day 3

We missed Rushmore, but will hopefully see it later. We headed on to Yellowstone National Park.
Details for Day 3

Day 2

Finally we're vacationing. We saw the Badlands today, and will see Mt. Rushmore tomorrow morning.
Details for Day 2

Day 1

After leaving Wisconsin, things have picked up. We're on interstates (80 mph!) now, and we're cruising on to Rushmore tomorrow (day 2).
Details for Day 1

Day 0

It took longer to begin than we estimated, and weren't able to leave Houghton until 8:40 or so. No problem though, we made it to Wisconsin (yay!)
Details for Day 0

Day -1

Preparations are under way in Houghton, MI. We are drowning in equipment and to-do lists, earnestly awaiting the beginning of our perilous journey. We leave tomorrow (Day 0) at 4:00.
Details for Day -1

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